27th November 2020 – We are in transition to a new server environment, which will be completed by 22nd December 2020.
We will soon write to you to give you a new password and the login details.

Problems? Please contact us via email to “support@any-mail.org.uk” if you can no longer log in or you think your IP address has been blocked.

Can’t see the Login screen?
Please go to
http://www.any-mail.co.uk/anymail_login.asp where an old Login screen is active.

Please hit the “Enter” button repeatedly if the site does not come up.
If you have issues with Login please try repeatedly.

With ANY-Mail you are online across the globe – with all your messages at your fingertips.

We offer you access to your emails wherever you have access to the Internet. You can create, edit or send messages via our user-friendly Web Interface www.ANY-Mail.com or use your own mail client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).

Spam and virus protection are an integral part of our service. We take your privacy seriously and do not track or sell user data to third parties.

Our products range from ANY-Mail FREE, ANY-Mail SILVER, ANY-Mail GOLD to ANY-Mail BUSINESS and offer a cost effective platform for private individuals, community organisations and small to medium-sized enterprises.

Choose which product best suits your requirements and get started today. Our Product Guide offers an overview of the many possibilities with ANY-Mail. Do not hesitate and give us a try.

One Response to “Login”

  1. We are still in the middle of a systems migration and urge you to make a backup of your recent email
    data just in case. We have lost an important element of our backup strategy tonight and are doing
    our best to restore redundancy while we get a new server installed over the next couple of weeks.
    Thanks for understanding.

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